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How to Purchase a Perfect Air Conditioner? For healthy family

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May 10, 2013, 09:40:31 AM
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My long pending research for an air conditioner just came to end a few days ago. However, in this period, I know the large amount of time and efforts which I have spent to collect some very basic information so that I don’t end up becoming as an innocent buyer who easily felled in the trap of a clever dealer. Now after this brainstorming, I’m preparing a newbie’s basic guide on buying an air conditioner in hope to help others who might be in the same situation these days since the temperature is gradually soaring as the summers arrive.

Step One – Set Your Budget:
Deciding the budget and sticking around it is the first and foremost thing one should do if it ever comes to purchase a costly item. This could be flexible to a few thousand bucks more or less. Now since the summers have arrived already, most of the dealers will not offer as attractive deal as you may usually find in off-season, so be prepared to shell out extra. Typically, the price of a normal air conditioner starts from anywhere Rs.20,000 and ranges up to Rs.50,000+.

Step Two – Decide Your Requirements:
Do you wish to cool only your bedroom or the entire house? The air-conditioner purchase depends upon such requirements. Mainly, three types of air-conditioners are available in the market: Portable A/C, Window A/C, and Split A/C. Obviously, the portable A/C costs much lesser than basic variant of window A/C, however I personally do not find it any good for regular family usage. Therefore, this leaves us with two major types: Window A/C and Split A/C.

Step Three – Window versus Split:
Another common confusion which many buyers stuck in between. I was no different. Where the Split air conditioner adds altogether an aesthetic appeal to your home, at the same time, the window air conditioner offers much lesser fuss in terms of installation (Especially if you keep shifting around). Plus, it costs relatively lesser too. Following is a general comparison between both:

* Affordable Price: Window A/C
* Installation Easiness: Window A/C
* Ease of Transportation: Window A/C
* Installation Flexibility: Split A/C
* Aesthetic Appeal: Split A/C
* Comparatively Less Noise: Split A/C

Step Four – Calculate Ton Requirement:
Air conditioners are available in different variants depending upon their cooling capacity. It’s absolutely important to know exactly how much would you require because buying either of both, under-effective or over-effective A/C will only make you feel regret later. The unit to measure cooling capacity of an air conditioner is ‘ton’, which translates into 12,000 BTU per hour (British Thermal Units). Although the cooling of a normal room depends upon numerous factors (Number of doors, windows for example) but one can calculate their ton requirement using the following mathematical formula: Room’s Length * Breadth * Height *(in feet) divided by 1000. A real time example: 10*10*10 = 1000, now, 1000 / 1000 = 1. Voila! This means you would require an air conditioner with approximately 1 Ton of cooling capacity.

Step Five – Most Suitable ‘Star Rating’:
Of late, the Bureau of Energy and Efficiency has initiated the star rating system for most of the heavy electrical appliances. These star rating are based on the scale of 5, which indicate the energy conservation of product after certified testing so that companies cannot take their consumers for ride, anymore. It is important to keep this factor into consideration while making your A/C purchase, but remember, usually with higher the star rating, higher goes the price as well.

Step Six – Start Surveying and Finalize:
You are now almost well-prepared and informed about the basic know-how of choosing air-conditioners. Step out in the market with full confidence and thoroughly obtain an idea about the various models available along with their features and price. Shortlist the ones that perfectly fit in your budget and you like the most, though don’t be in hurry and come back home to research more about those shortlisted models online / with friends. Also, it’s important keep in mind that the company has sufficient after sales and support network in your location, otherwise a Rs.40k A/C can prove worst than normal room cooler if not at all working properly. And not to forget – Keep in touch with the dealership until the A/C is installed in your home and working because sometimes these people act too lazy and can take more than a week for this simple task. Hope this helps, good luck for the hunt!

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