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How to Save Gas While cooking?

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May 09, 2013, 12:48:10 PM
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Quick Gas Saving Tips in The Kitchen

With the world's oil and gas prices at such a high level, it is very essential to control the usage of gas while cooking and avoid wastage that can lead to loss of energy. According to PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association), housewives can actually save upto 30% of cooking gas or kerosene. How, well by following a few simple ‘fuel–saving tips’. Below are some of the ways you can save cooking gas fuel in the kitchen.

Plan before you start cooking:
Light your stove only after you have kept all the ingredients within your reach and ready for cooking. This requires good coordination and planning by the cook so that heat is not wasted during the waiting period.

Use pressure cookers:
Pressure cookers use less fuel for heating and thus reduce cooking time.Use separators in the pressure cooker to cook different items at the same time.
Use less water: Avoid using too much water when cooking as it wastes fuel. Moreover this takes a longer time to evaporate. Surplus water consumes additional fuel which could otherwise be saved.
Reduce the flame when boiling starts to save fuelWhen a vessel’s contents reach boiling point, a low flame is enough to keep them boiling. Always reduce the flame once boiling starts.

Cover cooking pots and pans with a lid:
By covering the vessel with a lid, the energy supplied to the water is prevented from being lost through evaporation of the steam. In fact, the useful energy contained in the steam is utilized and transferred to cook the food.

Use a small burner:
Use the small burner or lower flame more often, as the case may be especially when you have time to spare.

Soak before cooking:
You can aslo save fuel if you soak cereals and pulses in water before cooking.
Use shallow , wide vessels:Hide the flame with broad bottomed, vessel. Do not use vessels which are narrow as they allow the flame to creep up on the sides.

Use clean burner and clean vessels:
Clean the burner if you see an orange, yellow or non-uniform flame. This means there is incomplete combustion of the fuel which means that some of the fuel is not burnt and that is waste of the total heating capacity of the fuel. A bright, steady blue flame means efficient burning.Moreover cooking vessels should always be scrubbed clean.

Allow frozen food to reach room temperature before cooking

If you have more Tips please Share. Thank you. :dance:

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